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Fantastic. If you are going to Glastonbury Festival (official) you will get the opportunity to watch E. Gene Smith's epic story. We are honored that Digital Dharma is selected for the Tibet Film Festival presented by The Meridian Trust - Buddhist Film Archive. Stay tuned for the date and time.

Tibet Film Festival | The Meridian Trust
We are proud to tell you about a very special event we have organised, at Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Arts, in honour of our Patron, H.H. the Dalai Lama, as part of the global celebrations of his 80th birthday.

Medicine’s Hidden Roots in an Ancient Manuscript
A language scholar set out to find the missing pages of an ancient, influential medical text by Galen of Pergamon.
The monks at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling in Nepal are moving (with a very creative method!!!) precious texts and objects out of the damaged main temple building, which has, over the years, seen the presence of so many great teachers and been the site of so many profound dharma teachings and practices.

To support earthquake relief and rebuilding efforts at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling in Nepal, you can visit

Moving everything out of the gompa to the new building
Rubin Museum of Art has a good list of organizations you can donate to working on the ground in Nepal.

Rubin Museum of Art
These humanitarian organizations are working on the ground in Nepal, providing disaster relief. Please support generously:
So wonderful that HH the 17th Karmapa visited Tibetan Buddhist Resource Centerand gave his admiration and support to E. Gene Smith's mission and all those who have made it happen.

THE KARMAPA AT TBRC We are so excited to share this video, which gives you an inside look into H.H. the 17th Karmapa's visit to TBRC. You can support TBRC! Visit was one of the best days we can remember, and we're happy to be able to share it with friends far and wide.
There are still tickets left. His Holiness Sakya Trizin will be in Boston April 10th! You can also find him in our film on E. Gene Smith

Timeline Photos
Tickets for Two-Day Empowerment with His Holiness the Sakya Trizin will be available at the door. Tickets can still be purchased online, but have to be printed at home as we only have 3 days left. Please visit for more details and purchasing the tickets.