About Film

Digital Dharma  is the chronicle of a cultural rescue. This feature-length HD documentary brings to light the magnitude of one man's inspirational 50-year quest to save the literary history of a disappearing culture and to preserve early lessons of mankind's consciousness.

The life of E. Gene Smith is an epic story of destiny and compassion that leads a pacifist on a mission of survival. In an era of espionage and mistrust, Gene's mission becomes the catalyst for an international movement to save ancient writing and art from crumbling, literally, to dust... and then deliver them to the entire world.

This powerfully moving account crosses multiple borders... geographical, political and philosophical... Because the humanitarian and academic efforts to protect the Tibetan culture by finding and preserving thousand-year-old documents, is not only a contribution to the Tibetan people... it is a contribution to all of humanity. From the medical to the mystical – 1500 years of invaluable teachings that chronicle the advancements of mankind. These documents include the Tibetans' original contributions as well as the traditional works of the great Indian scholars and masters, which were systematically documented and preserved in Tibet. As our world's political and cultural borders shift, Gene Smith’s mission to protect all knowledge and its far-reaching contributions becomes critical.